William J. Lovas, Esq. Attorney at Law

Committed to Your Success

Having successfully represented thousands of clients, my experience is ready to address your legal needs.

A Tradition of Excellence

For more than 45 years, I've been providing professional representation and personal service to my clients. Establishing a solid reputation in legal issues ranging from real estate to family law. I strive to find fair solutions to clients' legal matters with minimal stress and financial strain.

Real Estate Law

Buying a house, or business property, is likely to be the single largest investment in a person's life. Unfortunately, many people don't take the precautions necessary to ensure that their title, zoning, and land use documents are legally valid.

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Wills & Estates

We evaluate your current financial situation in order to determine what can be done to protect your estate from certain kinds of taxes, plan for Medicaid eligibility, transfer assets, and leave a financial legacy for your children.

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Insurance Law

We examine the original policy and evaluate its terms and conditions. We determine the insurance carrier’s exposure and potential risks. Finally, we outline the best and worst case scenarios if a case is settled versus litigated in a courtroom.

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